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Notes and Letters from Students in Japan

Thank you for teaching us English. I really appreciate it. I liked your classes. I wish you could teach us a little longer. If you stayed in Japan, I would absolutely be delighted. I really like studying English. It's one of my pleasures too. I'll continue it as long as possible. Your classes were very easy to understand. Every lesson was really interesting and happy. You're an excellent teacher. I know that your talents will take you far and will help you succeed in your life. Good luck to you!

Adult Intermediate Student

Thank you for your great lesson. I appreciate you patiently listening to my English. You are a good teacher for me! I don't like study, but I enjoyed conversations about The UK, your thinking, and so on. Best wishes for the future.

Adult Pre-Intermediate Student

I've learned a lot from you. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

Adult Intermediate Student

I'm sad to hear that you'll go back to England. Your lessons are so polite and your letters are intelligible. I looked forward to your lessons. I hope you'll be well.

Adult Intermediate Student

I'm very sorry to hear you are leaving. You are a very kind teacher. I made you a Japanese doll from Kimono material. It's a Shiba Inu dog. Thank you very much.

Adult Intermediate Student

Thank you very much for a long time. I had a very good time. I'm sorry that my progress is slow but I will keep trying my best. I wish you good health and happiness.

Adult Pre-Intermediate Student

Jasper's lesson was very fun!! Thank you very much.

Adult Foundation Student

Thank you for being a great teacher! May your new life be full of joy and success. You will be missed!!

Masakatsu, Setsuko, Shoko and Chika

Adult Intermediate Class

Thank you for teaching us English. We really appreciate it.

Hidenori, Kuniko, Midori, Tomoko and Kazuko

Adult Intermediate Class

Hey Jasper, You taught me for one year!
Your lesson was very interesting. My favourite thing was talking about your life. I enjoyed English with you. I want to study until I can speak fluently!

Young Learner, Elementary Student

Thank you for teaching me. My English is better than before because you teach me English. See you again!

Young Leaner, Elementary Student

Thank you for teaching me English! Only about 2 months, but I felt your kindness. You are always nice to me. I hope you take care of yourself.

Young learner, Intermediate Student.

(Translated from Japanese)
Thank you very much for teaching me English. Lessons were very fun and exciting! Don't forget me even when you go back to the UK. I won't forget you either. Have a nice trip and please take care.

Aged 7

Thank you for the great lesson. Thank you very much for everything. Many thanks for your kindness.

Aged 10

I enjoyed Jasper's lesson. I learned a lot of English. I hope to see you again.

Aged 7

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