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The Relaxing Way To Learn


Jasper is a friendly, patient and professional CELTA* trained teacher. He teaches English to speakers of other languages, focussing mainly on conversation skills. With a population of more than 50% of Londoners being Non-British it is becoming even more important for them to be able to communicate with others effectively. Jasper strongly believes in a more relaxed approach to language learning, as English can take a long time to master. A low pressure approach gives you more time to feel comfortable with the language before you use it in real world situations.

He has more than four years experience teaching in Japan. He taught all ages and levels. He has also been teaching adults in London for over a year, at home or online.


Please, come and join the fun.

*CELTA is the Cambridge University Certificate for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.


Language is about telling people what you want to say. It isn't important for your English to be perfect. They only need to be able to understand you. 

Private English classes are the best place to make mistakes. If you make mistakes in class then you can learn from them. This will make you more confident to meet your friends and co-workers outside the classroom. 

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One-to-One classes are a great way to learn English. You have the full attention of your teacher which will help you learn faster. Jasper uses games and pictures to help your understanding. It's also the best way to get lots of speaking practice in a relaxed and focused environment.


Sometimes it can be difficult to travel to your class. Sometimes you're too busy or find it easier to learn in your own environment. Jasper offers One-to-One lessons on Skype so you wont have to go anywhere.

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If you need English for work, then a Business English course could be the best option for you. This course includes topics more specific to industry such as sales, marketing and meetings. You'll also learn useful language for e-mail and telephone conversations to make sure you're understood in the way that you intended.


Being new to The UK can be tough and trying to find work or enter University means you need to take some exams. Jasper teaches exam preparation using specifically designed textbooks which include listening and speaking practice, as well as mock exam questions.

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"Jasper is a very competent and friendly teacher with a wide range of teaching skills. He structures my lessons exactly to achieve all my learning aims. We find opportunities to study different topics, important parts of grammar and most of all pronunciation. I'm feeling more confident about using English in London. I recommend Jasper to everyone who would like to improve their English skills."

Mustafa Budak - Intermediate Student


London, UK

07572 110820

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